Dec 07, 2021 12:00 PM
Deb Andraca, Deborah Patel and Beth Bauer
"Fair Maps", a non-partisan bill introduced in Madison

The mission of the Wisconsin Fair Maps Coalition is to advocate for and enact, in law and practice, an independent and nonpartisan redistricting method in Wisconsin, and to educate and engage the public in the process of adopting and implementing nonpartisan maps.

Our speakers plan to use the 4-way Rotary test as the outline for explaining the issues all of us -- regardless our personal politics -- face because of extreme partisan gerrymandering, Deb will help us look to the future with a legislative solution, Beth will discuss success stories elsewhere and encourage conversations among people with differing views, and then Deborah Patel will close with an "possible action" recap, once again tied to the 4-way test.