Posted by Samuel Azinger on Jan 06, 2019
First of all, let’s say thank you to Mel Stanton, Executive Director of Mel’s Charities, and Dick Phalen, President of the Board for visiting and speaking at our December 18, 2018 meeting.  
Mel and Dick gave some insight as to what Mel’s Charities does in Ozaukee County, including supporting people with special needs, memorial scholarships, and human services. The emphasis Mel's puts on all of this is on having fun. Mel’s has 6 annual fun events, the most notable being Mel’s Pig Roast in late summer. These events all help raise funds for these great causes. Mel’s has distributed over $1 million since 1999, with $168,000 in 2018 alone. The organization’s distributions have increased every year since its inception, and continued growth is expected.
The one question we’re all guilty of asking is “how much of my donation is going to overhead.” If we don’t ask it, we probably think it. Mel wants to be able to say 100%, but as the organization grows, so does the overhead expenses. That’s where the idea of the 300 FUNd Club came in. Mel’s is looking for 300 people to commit to donating $300 a year for three years, earmarked for supporting the organization and its overhead, which consists of nominal salaries and wages, rent for its office space located on Badger Circle in Grafton, and other general expenses. Additional amounts raised through the 300 FUNd are anticipated to be used to start an endowment to keep Mel’s Charities around for the long haul.
As of December 18, 2018, Mel's had 181 FUNd Team members, of which on 17 were from Mequon-Thiensville.  Since speaking at the meeting, at least 3 more Mequon-Thiensvillians have joined! Way to go Rotarians! Anyone (else) interested in joining the 300 FUNd Team can visit for more information or to join. Samuel Azinger will happily help make connections or answer questions if you're looking for more ways to contribute.