Posted by Samuel Azinger on Mar 18, 2021
Tony, if you're reading this, you are missed *clap* (maybe *clap clap*). 
Without Tony's presence at our virtual meetings *roaring applause* a vacuum was created in collecting people's money. Although there is truth to Aristotle's observation, that no true vacuums exist in nature because the difference in pressure results in an immediate force that acts to correct the equilibrium, there is also truth to Sandy Custer's observation that if there is a vacuum in the TM Rotary Club, Sam Azinger will fill it and probably include an award that contains Sam's name. 
Introducing the Biggest Bragger Award, presented by T. Samuel Azinger. When you brag in March, April, or May during our virtual meetings, you are asked to commit a dollar value to your brag. At the end of the month, you'll receive an email asking you to pay the amount you bragged during the month.  Brag dollars will be contributed to Rotary International Foundation #bringbackthetrophy in the name of the bragger. There are 3 plaques up for grabs, which will be presented to the Biggest Bragger for March, April, and May. Weekly status updates will not be provided.  If you want certifiable confirmation that you are the Biggest Bragger in the club, you'd better get bragging and putting substantial dollar amounts on your brags at our weekly virtual meetings! 
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