Posted by Peterson Apfelbach
On June 18th, we gathered together at the American Legion Post 457 to celebrate our 2018-2019 Rotary year! During this time we were able to Thank Tim Vertz for his service as Club President as well as the board that served during his tenure to help him keep us in line. Following those recognitions, we took some time to honor a few Rotarians who stood out in the last year!
For the first time ever we had recipients of the Sam Azinger Award! This was bestowed upon Ellen MacFarlane, Greg Huffman, Jack Weise, John Wirth, Karl Hertz, Pam Koch, Rob Kos, Sam Azinger, Sandy Custer, Stan Smith, Tim Vertz, Tyler Briggs. All of these members donated $100 or more to the rotary foundation and/or Polio plus in the 2018-2019 year. If you were not in attendance at the Changing of the guard you can expect them this Tuesday at our first outdoor meeting.
Many were also honored for their years of perfect attendance.
Next, we honored Megan Borland with the Service Award!
Rotarian of the Year was presented to Sam Azinger and shared with his children!
 Finally, Greg Sommersberger was named an Honorary Paul Harris Fellow for which our club will donate $1,000 in his name to the Rotary Foundation! Following the applause and celebration, to our surprise, Sandy Custer took the microphone and gave out one more award. For her great service to our club, Diane Robertson was given an honorary Paul Harris award having $1,000 donated to the rotary foundation in her name as well!
Once the dust settled, Our New President  Rob Kos took time to introduce our new officers and directors for the 2019-2020 rotary year. Those officers and directors are pictured above from left to right as follows.
Pam Koch: Fall into Comedy
Megan Borland: Director of vocational Service
Peterson Apfelbach: Director of Club Service
Heather Mader: Secretary-Treasurer
Sam Azinger: President Elect
Rob Kos: President
Ellen MacFarlane: Director of International Service & Club Outreach
Sandy Custer: Director of Community Service