Posted by Peterson Apfelbach
Our Speakers:
Dr. Cal Tamanji, PHD;AICP. Professor of Economics/Social Science  Milwaukee Area Technical College,President of Ozaukee County NAACP Branch, Adviser of West Cameroon Community Association(WECAWI.)
Dr Zachary Nchinda, Phd Professor of History Milwaukee Area Technical College, Adviser of West Cameroon Community Association(WECAWI.) Last but not the least,
Mr George Azeh, MSc. Consulting Accountant. President of West Cameroon Community Association(WECAWI). We are all US citizens of Southern Camerron origin that have lost relatives in the ongoing French-backed genocide in Southern Cameroons(Ambazonia.) 
Cameroon was colonized by Germany In 1884 and remained under their control until their defeat in World War 1.
After the war, African colonies held by the defeated countries were split between France and England with 1/5 of Cameroon falling into English control and the other 4/5  were given to France. This amount of control was maintained until 1945 when the UN set rules and standards for the preparation of independence for the many colonies and territories in Africa.
The British style of rule allowed West Cameroon to establish its own common laws and customs; however, in East Cameroon, the French ruled directly with the  East Cameroonian government answered directly to Paris.
In 1961, the French colonies in Africa were presented with the opportunity to have complete independence, or become part of the French Union. When New Guinea requested complete independence, France made an example of them, freighting other colonies into joining the Union. Resulting in the formation of the Federal Republic of Cameroon.
In 1970 oil was discovered in West Cameroon, as a result, France pressured their East Cameroon state to move for a combined Cameroonian state so they would have access to the oil reserves.
This led to continued conflict between the western English speaking residents and the French backed East Cameroonian citizens.
Many professionals protested the many changes that were uninvited and unwelcome from the french speaking side of Cameroon and were labeled as terrorists for their perceived hate of Cameroon resulting in unfair treatment of many lawyers and teachers.
War has been raging for 3 years with 500,000 refugees fleeing to Nigeria, many eternally displaced. Many countries are hesitant to contribute and support the suffering members of English speaking Cameroon. 
Due to collusion between governments, there have been many difficulties shipping resources and supplies to the suffering refugees. Our guests highly encourage us to reach out to our government officials to stop the violence going on in English speaking Cameroon