Posted by Samuel Azinger on Jul 14, 2020
As part of our leadership speaker series, today’s speaker was Dick Gruber. Dick is a former business consultant for Goodyear Tire. He is the father of 5 and grandfather of 9, and currently resides in Cedarburg. 
Dick spoke about the importance of customer service, both from the retail side to the wholesale side, and how it can extend to every aspect of business and relationships. He says it all starts with having a good conversation, which leads to a good relationship. He also pointed out the irony of having a customer service department. “If customer service is a department, what is everybody else doing?“
Of all the customers Dick had throughout his career, the most successful customers didn’t necessarily have an extensive education, or around the clock.  Instead, one particular customer made it a point to go work the counter so he had the opportunity to connect with his customers. Dick gave a great perspective on ways of providing customer service to advance any business.