Posted by Samuel Azinger on Apr 20, 2020
In a stunning turn of events, the Final 4 games were played on Facebook Live (that's not the stunning turn of events). Kansas outscored Duke on a buzzer beater to move onto the Championship Game. In the second game Maryland showed its dominance over Oregon and would also move on. After a stunning rendition of the National Anthem by Shaka Khan, Maryland played the game of their lives, but still fell short to the Makeshift NCAA Champions. 
For those of you who fill out brackets every year, you know that the last thing you do after you pick a champion is to predict the Championship Game score, which would serve as a tiebreaker. Being that (1) there wasn't going to be a score, and (2) I've never seen a tie before, I elected to skip this step, but here are the results:
          Rob Kos 1 Bracket had 1,150 points,
          Sandy Custer 1 Bracket has 1,150 points, tying for first place,
          Sam Azinger 1 Bracket came in 3rd place with 1,100 points, and
          Maureen O'Leary 4 Bracket came in a close 4th with 1,080 points. 
So what now? Is there such thing as a tie in the TM Rotary Makeshift March Madness Tournament? I think not. 
This Tuesday at our regularly scheduled meeting we will have a virtual match to determine the winner. Sandy and Rob will each be asked to select a final score and a score will be randomly generated between 140 and 200. Whoever selects the closer score will be crowned the winner.