Posted on Feb 27, 2019
Picture of Rotary Club Birthday Celebration for Doc. Witte on February 26, 2019. George Witte pictured front and center wearing his finest suit with red tie. Also pictured from left, (don't get mad, I'm not looking up how to spell everyone's name) Rob Holtz, Tim Vertz, Sam Azinger, Heather Mader, Tony Von Rueden (top), Rachel Muchin Young, Jim Ott, Shelley Weston, Jim Lysaught, Ellen MacFarlane, Dan Gannon, Jack Wiese, Stan Smith, Kathleen Schneider, Dianne Robertson, Herb Hillman, Peterson Albelbach (top) Maureen O'Leary, Stan Lind, Megan Borland, Karl Hertz, Bruce Rowe, Nancy Witte-Dycus, Dave O'Connor, Russ Witte-Dycus, Colleen Landisch-Hansen, Greg Sommersberger, Roger Kirgues, and Tim Carr. Rotarian's not featured have 1 week to find and like this post on Facebook or the Tony Von Rueden Fan Club will make a certified recommendation to fine you $5 at the March 12 meeting. 
Happy Birthday Doctor George Witte! Abraham Lincoln once said "And in the end it's not the years in your life that count; it's the life in your years."  By that definition, you have lived more than anyone in history. Happy Birthday, friend.