Posted by Samuel Azinger on Aug 25, 2020
Our speaker at Tuesday’s meeting was Kathleen Schneider, who gave us a new member thumbnail presentation, even though she’s been a member of our club for over 2 years. 
Kathleen is the Alderperson for the Mequon District 7, but wasn’t there to talk about Mequon. Instead Kathleen told us about her life, her experience, and what brought her to become a doctor.
There were a lot of things that brought Kathleen to where she is, including family, loss, and a day in an Air Force recruiting office. She followed her friends to the University of Eau Claire where she went for pre-med. She worked to pay for her education before starting Medical School at the Medical College of Wisconsin, where she met her now husband. Kathleen returned to Wisconsin to attend the Medical College of Wisconsin during her residency after deciding she did want to be closer to her now husband. They will be celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary.
Kathleen switched to become a medical director for hospice care after years of the chaos of emergency medicine to allow her more flexibility. 
Thank you to Kathleen for sharing her story with the club. It's always great to learn a little more about the people we have come to know as part of the Rotary family.