Posted by Samuel Azinger on Aug 05, 2020
Paul Harris himself came to me in a dream the other night and said "Sam, I know people are struggling in all kinds of different ways these days, and maybe there's a way to utilize this 'internet' technology to engage more members." He added "the Four Way Test starts with asking yourself 'is it the truth,' but nothing says the answer has to be yes, as long as it passes the other three prongs and you don't try to play it off like it's the truth." For the record, this whole paragraph is complete BS. Early the very next morning at the gym, a sign from Paul Harris appeared to confirm what he had told me in my dream, which was quickly documented with photographic evidence.   
A Satellite Rotary Club is a part of the "Host" Club, and allows for a more flexible way to accommodate needs of Rotarians. A Satellite Club's members remain members of the Host Club, but would instead meet virtually, allowing members who have busy schedules, individuals who find financial requirements challenging, and of course in our present time, individuals with health concerns. I would like to sincerely give this idea some consideration, as it may be an attractive way for members to remain engaged, and a good way to attract new members who are passionate about Rotary ideals, but don't have the ability to regularly attend a lunch meeting in person. It would also give members a great way to stay informed and make up missed meetings. I'm looking for a few individuals who would be interested and willing to get this idea off the ground with me. If that's you, let's talk.