Posted by Samuel Azinger on Jun 10, 2018
I first met Karl Hertz about a year ago at one of my first Rotary meetings.  Karl was one of the first Rotarians to engage me in conversation, and I was quickly taken in by his charm. Writing an article for the T-M Rotary about a man with such great accomplishments whom I have only had the pleasure of knowing for one year will be a great challenge, in particular due to his background in education and his indubitable ability to identify plagiarism. That being said, here is a link to the JS Online article about Karl's recent Pillar of the Community Award.
I will also encourage you to read the excellent article in the News Graphic written by Gary Achterberg from Thursday if you have not done so already, however I was unable to find a link.
Finally, the question I may be the only one asking, why does Karl not have a Wikipedia Page (yet)?
So, what would Karl's Wikipedia page say? It would certainly start with his history, his family including his beautiful wife Carol, his career from teaching to being the superintendent of the Mequon-Thiensville School District, and his commitment to the community.  Karl served as President of T-M Rotary for the 1989-1990 year. He also served as Thiensville Village Trustee, Village President and Ozaukee County Supervisor (anyone would be welcome to add dates to this service on his Wikipedia page). Among other things, I do not think it would be a stretch to say Karl could do the best Christopher Walken impression. 
I think of Karl every time someone from outside of our community mentions they are "looking for a good school for their kids." Thanks in great part to Karl's contributions, we have some of the greatest public schools in the country. This in particular we cannot be grateful for enough.  
What is next for a man who has accomplished so much? I'm sure Karl is open to a conversation about his future plans, and is certainly approachable. I cannot think of a person more deserving of being taken out to lunch by anyone who wants to experience what it truly means to be a Rotarian.