Posted by Samuel Azinger on Nov 15, 2018
Thank you to Katherine Adamek for speaking to the Club at Tuesday's meeting.  Katherine provided vivid insights as to what it takes to win an Olympic Medalist. 
In 2010 Katherine won silver and bronze medals in short track speed skating at the Vancouver Olympic Games.  In 2013 she retired after 3 hip surgeries and years of rehab when she began coaching. She then got the desire to compete again, and from 2016 – 2018 she trained for the 2018 Winter Games. In a sport where 10ths of a second can have an enormous impact, Katherine just barely missed qualifying.
This led Katherine to recognize and focus on the importance of mental skill training.  Katherine now partners with Vision Pursue to teach Performance Mindset skills to high performing individuals and organizations.  Performance Mindset Coaching combines the latest research in Neuroscience and Sports Psychology. Clients develop Performance Mindset through ongoing instruction, daily practices, and practical application.