Dear Host Family,
My name is Elisabeth. Thank you very much that you give me the possibility to live in your family and to get to know the life in
your country.
I want to present myself to let you know who I am. I live in Bielefeld, a city of 320.000 inhabitants with a university. Here I live
with my parents and my little brother Johannes. Although he is nearly six years younger than me, we do a lot together like
playing Lego or Playmobil.We live in an apartment in our own house with a nice garden. I have my own room and my brother
has his own room too.
My parents both work, my father is a university professor and director of an institute for advanced studies that is in
Wolfenb├╝ttel, in a distance of approx. 250 km. So during the week he stays there. When he is at home he continues working
in his studio. My mother is a teacher. She teaches three subjects, Italian, German and History at a school here in Bielefeld
Our house is in the middle of the city and in a distance of only 10 minutes on foot to my school. But when it is raining my
mother is so nice to take us to school by car.
I like sports, music and staying with friends. At the moment once a week I go to a tennis lesson and to a fencing club, but I
also made experiences in ballet and modern dance. Some weeks ago I have started with my friends a course of ballroom
dance which I like very much.
Beside sports music is my other favourite hobby. I have been playing violin for many years, and I am member of two
My school in Bielefeld is the only one which starts with Latin as a foreign language. With Latin, I also learn English, French
and ancient Greek. Other subjects in my school are German, history, politics, geography, religious instructions, chemistry,
biology, physics, art and music.
I am catholic. We are not very regularly in church but at feasts like Christmas or Eastern it is important for us to go.
I am not sure what I want to do in future. Last summer I did an internship at a hospital. I really liked it and now I think about to
study medicine in order to become a doctor. I like the idea of being doctor because you can help other people. Besides I also
did a training as a school medic and dispute conciliator and now I am member of these groups for my school.
There are not many things I do not like, but I really can not suffer people who are false, condescending and superficial. And I
really do not like spiders and I can not stay in one room with them.
I love travelling. With my family I travelled to New York, Boston, Paris and Roma but my favourite city is London. I am curious
to see new countries. In the holidays sometimes we go skiing and I love it.
A few weeks ago I did a two weeks exchange to Oxford with my school and I got the chance to make a first experience living
in another country.
If you ask about my characteristics I think I am happy, amenable and confident. I talk a lot, sometimes a little bit too much.
I hope you got a first impression of me.