Posted by Samuel Azinger on May 03, 2018
Library Director and fellow Rotarian Rachel Muchin Young spoke to the Club at Tuesday's meeting, placing her enthusiasm on full display. 
Thanks in great part to the contributions from our communities, the Frank L. Weyenberg Library provides many different resource media options, including books, magazines, newspapers, digital materials, CDs, DVDs, Books on Tape (more likely books on CD these days), puppets, and much more. The library is additionally funded by donations and most importantly fines and fees from procrastinators like me.  
Aside from the library's many resources, including the library staff itself, the library also offers access to internet, study rooms, a meeting room, many activities for all ages, and of course free air conditioning on hot summer days. The library has kept up with the times, and visitors should be encouraged to find that even in this digital age the library offers many tangible and intangible resources for every day pleasures. If you haven't visited the library lately, stop by and discover its many offerings.  The library is still free to anyone, excepting those of us who cannot keep track of due date.
Like me, you may be wondering if library fines are tax deductible.  To answer that question, no they are not.  Your better bet is to make a donation to the library and hope the charitable donation leads to a great relationship with library and hope (emphasis on "hope") that relationship will lead to the staff agreeing to waive your fines.  
Thank you to Rachel for speaking to the Club, her passion for the library, and her service to our community.