Posted by Samuel Azinger on Sep 20, 2019
Ordinarily a very reliable news source in Ozaukee County, the News Graphic has joined the Fake News Club with their article in Tuesday's paper announcing new members of the Mequon-Thiensville Sunrise Rotary Club.  Contrary to the caption of the photograph seen above, Maureen O'Leary has not abandoned the Noon Club to join the Sunrise Club.
In fact, Maureen had introduced the new member being inducted, Danila Danesi, to the Sunrise Club (since Danila's schedule wasn't fitting for the Noon Club), and was invited to attend the meeting in which Danila was being inducted into the Sunrise Club. What could be LIES, LIES, and more LIES, may also be accredited to a typographical error or slight misunderstanding. 
When questioned O'Leary said "Oh my goodness, what am I going to do when Tony sees this?" She went on to say "We have to get in front of this." When discussing how to go about getting in front of this it was best determined that a story for the Newsletter would suffice. "Maybe we can say 'Lies Lies Lies' and claim it's 'fake news.' We should make sure it is super sarcastic too so nobody actually thinks we don't like the News Graphic."