Posted by Samuel Azinger on Apr 10, 2018


Melissa Schneyder, the woman without a title, from U.S. Bank spoke to our Rotary Club on Tuesday on how U.S. Bank is playing an active role in our community and communities across the country.  The U.S. Bank foundation gives back around $24 million every year, including $5.5 million in Wisconsin, to local charitable organizations.  U.S. bank encourages it's employees to volunteer their time to serve our communities, by offering incentives and making contributions to organizations their employees support.  When it comes to deciding what organizations to support, an employee's commitment to the organization is number one.
U.S. Bank has additionally used its position in the community to help connect entrepreneurs with non-profits that can assist with starting a business when conventional lending is not an option.  It has taken the initiative to lobby in Madison to pass bills encouraging schools to teach financial literacy, and has gone so far as to go to Washington to help determine how banks could be used to identify and stop human trafficking.