Well, after holding our last mission in January of 2020,  it looks like a mission will be possible for January of 2024.
More will be forthcoming on this from Brittany. 🎉
I'm writing to talk about funding.
Holding a mission means we need to budget around $15,000- $20,000 for the 5 day clinic, medicines, supplies, etc.
We also need to raise $40,000 or more for Continuing Care-surgeries and medical care after we leave, which is actually ongoing now with patients who have come to Flory for help since we haven't been there for three years.
Believe it or not, we have raised this kind of money in the past, and with help from all of you and your contacts we can do it again. 
It means you need to think back and remember what it felt like to serve on this mission and try to regain the enthusiasm you felt after your first trip. 😍
Think of all the lives we have touched, people who are now out of pain, able to work again, care for their families, and help their neighbors. This is important, life-changing work, for the Guatemalans and for each of us!
SUGGESTIONS-This has worked really well for me.
1) You can write a short email to your friends, saying that you are going to go on this medical mission again-- or saying that you aren;t able to go but are still supporting the cause. 
2) Tell your friends you are going to share photo stories with them as a way for them to learn about life in another culture. 
3)Tell them a bit about what the mission is like and any things that stand out in your mind.
4) Finally, say that if they are able to support the mission financially that would be wonderful, but it's totally up to them. 
5) Attach photo stories pages. ( I have all of them, just ask me if you need some.
Please remember, you are not asking for yourself; you're asking for people who really, really need our help.  Please be brave and take the time to send out some emails with photo stories. 
*There are 2 files in te download section related to this request:
GMRP 2024 fund raise
GMRP better history