Posted by Samuel Azinger on Oct 28, 2019
12 Rotarians, and 6 extras participated in Saturday's Roadside Cleanup. The 12 Rotarians and extras include those pictured below and Ellen MacFarlane. Photo's courtesy of Ellen MacFarlane... Would someone get her a selfie stick so she can be in some of the pictures too? 
George Witte was represented by Jess and her husband and their two sons at Saturday's roadside cleanup. It looks like the Rotarian way of life may be rubbing off onto her. Pictured with Sandy Custer, who is of course instrumental to this service project, as he is so many others. 
Carter Azinger puts a piece of trash gracefully into an open garbage bag held by Sam Azinger while Tim Carr looks on (note, this photo was posed before leaving), while Tyler Azinger looks for trash in the Kwik Trip lawn.
John Rosing and Tim Vertz show off their skills with full bags in hand and a clean roadside behind them.
Stan Smith sported a Rotary hat to assure anyone driving by at less than 50 MPH could identify the source of the good deeds (nobody slowed down, must have been all the Thiensvillians trying to escape Mequon as quickly as possible).
Mequon Mayor John Wirth and Alderwoman Kathleen Schneider are happy to take a break from their role of sitting behind a desk to keep Mequon beautiful, and instead participate in the laborious side of keeping their city beautiful. 
Jim Lysaught and Rob Kos enjoy the relaxing task of cleaning Green Bay Road where the speed limit is only 30 MPH. Rob Kos only identifiable as a result of being the only person brave enough to sport a Yankees hat in Wisconsin. 
Karle Naggs may have kept his boots clean, but he sacrificed his van's carpeting by picking up and dropping off the muddy trash collectors.