Posted by Samuel Azinger on Apr 10, 2020
The Final 4 is set for the TM Rotary March Madness Makeshift Tournament. Games took place on Facebook Live at 3:30 PM on Friday to narrow the pack from 16 teams to the last 4 standing. A path to victory remains for almost 20 Brackets, but only 2 Brackets still have their Championship Game selections still in tact. Top three Brackets will receive Trophies, and the Best bracket will have $760 donated to the Rotary Foundation in their name, and they will receive an additional 240 points toward a Paul Harris Award. Second place will receive 500 points towards and Paul Harris Award, and Third Place will receive 250 points towards a Paul Harris Award. If you otherwise have questions about giving to the Rotary Foundation or would like to make a contribution, please email Sam and he'll give you all the info you need. All points will be given by Sandy Custer (who repeatedly requests to not be recognized, but forgot in this instance). Unfortunately, the bottom three Bracket positions have already been determined. Fortunately, Maureen can claim (and Sam can verify) that someone else filled out those Brackets for her.