Posted by Samuel Azinger on Jul 30, 2020
The Mequon-Thiensville Gateway Promenade is currently being constructed at the Northeast corner of the intersection of Mequon and Cedarburg Roads. In case you're wondering what the final product will look like, here are the "official" renderings. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who has put in so much time and effort into making this a reality, and thank you to those who have donated. Disclaimer: Any captions should be taken purely for their comedic value, and not taken offense to. The opinions expressed herein are solely that of the Tony Von Reuden Fan Club. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of the Thiensville-Mequon Rotary Club or its members (except those who are additionally members of the TVR Fan Club). The designations employed in this publication and the presentation of material herein do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the Thiensville-Mequon Rotary Club, Rotary International, the Thiensville-Mequon Rotary Foundation, the Mequon-Thiensville Sunrise Rotary Club, the City of Mequon, Village of Thiensville, Groth Design, or the Tony Von Reuden Fan Club.  
This promotional profile view shows that the Promenade will probably be a prominent procurement. It also appears to have a misconceived the color of the Milwaukee River, implying that it may in fact be safe to swim in. It also depicts the sidewalk having been moved well away from the street, reflecting the added safety feature. It should be noted that the last photo in this series may completely bring back all safety concerns.
The 10 people rendered in this East facing summer sunrise shot demonstrates the Promenade could be heavily patronized at 4:30 in the morning, shortly after the summer sun breaches the horizon, and that mopeds are making a comeback. 
Another early morning rendering shows a man in a tan suit gazing across the Promenade at two people.  He is clearly wondering "what ever happened to social distancing."
This shot shows the beautiful interior design of the Promenade and the recognition plaques to be included. This shot is additionally credited with being the most difficult to write a joke about. 
This rendering shows kids playing and having fun around the back of the Promenade. It is also acknowledged that a good joke regarding kids playing and having fun is hard to come up with.
Here, a father and son approach the Promenade practicing good social distancing. That or the father is attempting to lose his son, or simply forgot that his little legs cannot walk as fast. More likely that the father is just super excited to get up close to the Promenade that he doesn't want to wait for his kid who is "always lagging behind." 
Here we see the Promenade from the center of Cedarburg Road, South of Mequon Road.  Two individuals are crossing Cedarburg Road heading West, while several groups, including a large group with a stroller cross Mequon Road anxious to get a closer look at this incredible feature. Meanwhile, a truck is traveling through the intersection toward the family with their stroller. It's unclear which party is violating a traffic signal, but undoubted that someone is. Clearly people not paying attention to the road and signals with such an admirable structure on the Northeast corner will cause substantial dangers, and should be monitored very closely. Also note the traffic jam on North Cedarburg Road of additional gawkers. The Tony Von Reuden Fan Club (Membership Applications Available) is dedicated to building safety awareness to drivers and pedestrians when driving and walking near this beautiful structure. For more information visit