3 teams, led by Captains Hillman, Wiese, and Jacobs, went head to head to head in a competition to see which team could donate more food and cash to Family Sharing this holiday season.  
Motivated by strong leadership, competitive nature, the promise that winning will get you to heaven, and mostly the desire to do good and right in the world, Rotarians gathered 2563 items this year, by far exceeding the totals from every other year (2470 in 2017), data for earlier years is unavailable, making this claim nearly impossible to refute.
We all know who the real winners are, but let’s get the breakdown for bragging rights purposes.  Team Hillman led the pack with 967 items donated, followed by team Wiese with 937 items, and team Jacobs with 656 items. 
Bottom line is that the winning team is the Thiensville Mequon Rotary Club with 82% participation, compared to 75% in 2017! Way to go team!