Posted by Peterson Apfelbach
Angela is now in her tenth year as the assistant dean for public service at Marquette Law School. Prior to Marquette she worked in private practice as an elder and disability law attorney. Angela came to the practice of law as a social worker- she worked for ten years with a domestic violence intervention agency in Portland, Oregon. During that time, she completed her law degree at Lewis & Clark Law School.
While in criminal law if you can not afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you this is not the case for many civil law matters. As such there are many low income individuals and families that are often not receiving the proper legal service or protection they may need. Legal Action of Wisconsin is an available service for these group to go to; however, they are only able to serve roughly half of the 25,000 eligible clients they evaluate each year. Marquette's Law School seeks to answer that call through its spirit of volunteerism and service. Every year they have a team of roughly 550 lawyers and students that are able to serve an additional 5,000 people with their legal needs with emphasis on housing, health, domestic violence, seniors, and veterans and military families. They do this from four brick and mortar locations and a mobile unit staged around the Milwaukee area.
For questions or availability to volunteer please reach out to
Angela F. Schultz, J.D.
Marquette Law School
Assistant Dean for Public Service