Posted by Peterson Apfelbach

For our meeting this week we were joined by Erica Vitek. She is an Occupational Therapist with Aurora Hospitals specializing in the treatment and therapy of individuals suffering from the progressive neurological disease Parkinson’s.

The form of treatment she adheres to is the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment, LSVT, named after its first patient. It is designed to create sustained improvement in speech and voice structures. The movements we do by auto-pilot such as speaking, walking, or getting up from a chair are the most impaired. This program tackles those problems head on by emphasizing very intentional motion. Therapists request the patient to think BIG MOVEMENT and LOUD VOCALS during their 1:1 sessions. The goal is to clear the space between how the patient is perceiving their own signals and how others are actually receiving them.

If you have any further questions, I encourage you to reach out to Erica using her email. She is one of the finest in her field and travels across the country instructing others in how to care for those who are suffering from Parkinson’s

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