Posted by Peterson Apfelbach
Our speaker this week was none other than our club's youngest member, Peterson Apfelbach! While he doesn't have as many years behind him, he still had plenty of great stories to tell!
Peterson has been a member of the Mequon-Thiensville community since he was three years old. He had the honor of receiving an education from the Mequon-Thiensville school district from K5-12th grade. During that time he was active on the tennis team, competed in chess tournaments, participated in curling bonspiels, and played clarinet in the band! During that time in the band, he taught himself how to play trumpet, a far more fun and flashy instrument! After a great adolesence, it was time to move on to something bigger, college.
While not his first choice, UW-Madison was always where he had been fated to attend. Even though a large portion of his time was dedicated to his studies in physics and economics, those were really just a side gig for his participation in the University of Wisconsin-Marching Band under the direction of Michael Leckrone. As a member of that band he got to travel all across the country performing for the best fans in the world at tailgates, sporting events, and numerous charity outings. 
Following his time at school, we find him where he is now, serving as a financial adviser for Edward Jones in the heart of Thiensville! When he isn't working, he would be happy to challenge you to a game of chess, or perhaps get back to his Ironman training to have a cleaner race than last time! We look forward to his continued contributions to the club and hope he doesn't get hit by another bus.