The Summer Cooking Crew schedule is now complete.
If you are unable to make your assignment, please find someone else to substitute or change dates with.
Thanks to all the Head Chefs and Crew!
As the late, great Rotary Grill Master, Frank Bolz used to say:
“Happy Culinary Delight!”
Tuesday, July 12
Head Chef: Custer
Crew: Gannon, Kos, Naggs, Jeremy Guth
Tuesday, July 19
Head Chef: Mobley
Crew: Wirth, Joynt, Hohn, Vertz
Tuesday, July 26 – 85th Anniversary Party
Head Chef: Rosing
Crew: Smith, Hunzinger, Milshteyn, Seemuth
Tuesday, August 2
Head Chef: Mader
Crew: Azinger, Hunzinger, Borland, Davis, Briggs
Tuesday, August 9
Head Chef: Witte-Dycus
Crew: Witte-Dycus, Muchin Young, Ott, Kirgues
Tuesday, August 16
Head Chef(s): Hillman/Hohn – BENJI’S DELI
Crew: Lind, Lysaught, Holtz
Tuesday, August 23 – FAMILY NIGHT – 5 PM
Head Chef: Custer
Crew: Carr, Hohn, Gohsman, McLean
Tuesday, August 30
Head Chef: Rowe
Crew: Mader, MacFarlane, Huffman, Schneider