Today we celebrated three Paul Harris Award recipients! Congratulations to Nancy Witte-Dycus, Roger Kirgues, and Sean Bailey. 
Rotarians associate the naming of a Paul Harris Fellow as a tribute to a person who has demonstrated a shared purpose and support for the educational and humanitarian objectives of The Rotary Foundation. The recognition is named after Rotary’s founder, the late Paul Harris, a Chicago lawyer, who started Rotary with three business associates in 1905. A world of goodwill and better understanding comes closer to reality today because Nancy, Roger, and Sean have made a substantial donation to The Rotary Foundation and can be named as Paul Harris Fellows. 
Becoming a Paul Harris Fellow is a tremendous accomplishment and honor. So much good begins with these gifts which are vital to the children, families, and communities who benefit. Only when people’s basic needs are met, can they pursue the larger elements of human life including conflict resolution, community building, and peace. Paul Harris Fellows, in a very tangible way, provide steppingstones to a more harmonious world.
Nancy, Roger, and Sean have repeatedly gone above and beyond in “doing good in the world.” We thank you for using your time, talent, and treasure to enhance the lives of others. Your generosity means so much to so many. On behalf of the club, we thank you and welcome you to receive your new Paul Harris pins. Please wear the pin with pride in honor of all the lives that you will reach through your generosity. We thank you for continuing to put “Service above Self.”