Posted by Samuel Azinger on Sep 01, 2020
In addition to a swarm of bees, Todd Rathe and Pastor Tom Stark joined and spoke to the club on September 1st about Cub Scout Troop 3852. The Troop is running into similar struggles as every other organization these days, including the lack of a space to meet, and the difficulty of fundraising. Members rose to the occasion with donations as well as substantial popcorn fundraiser purchases. During the meeting, Todd and Tom took $435 in popcorn orders, and $180 is donations. These will help fund events for the boys and girls of the troop, such as camping trips and other fun events designed to develop these young men and women. Thank you to everyone for their direct support of the Troop that our club sponsors.
Sam Azinger will facilitate the popcorn delivery to club members.  $105 of  the orders has not yet been paid, so if you have unpaid popcorn orders, please deliver money to Sam.