Posted by Peterson Apfelbach
This week, five infrastructure professionals from Ukraine visited our club! In recent years, the government in Ukraine has worked to decentralize its power giving more responsibility to the local governments. During their visit, they took time to learn about the various forms of local government and visit different work sites to better understand the processes we use to keep our infrastructure in great condition.
These wonderful guests were brought to us by Bob Blazich, a member of the Sunrise Club, through Friendship Force, a group funded by congress to bring the best and brightest from the former Soviet Union to help them learn how our communities have been able to grow and prosper.
Guests pictured above from left to right
Alexander works to protect city from natural hazards.
Roman does research on cities open spaces works to have cities be more human centered.
Serhii works with construction and engineering of roads.
Tatiana recently received PhD and now works for her City Council.
Maria works for increased accessibility.