I joined Thiensville-Mequon Rotary for two reasons, and it has exceeded my expectations.
First, I have been involved in Mequon, but I knew the opportunities I had would ultimately come to an end. I believe I have an obligation to give back. Rotary provides an established, nonpolitical structure for doing so. Throughout the year, there are many opportunities to get involved and, while participation is encouraged, members can do a little or a lot depending on time availability. Rotary, like so many of other our service clubs, does so much for our community. I wanted to be part of that and, although my schedule does not allow me to participate in everything, I am able to do some good. I hope to do more as my other obligations change.
Second, Rotary has filled a personal need. As my kids got older and school activities stopped dominating our schedule, there were fewer opportunities to get to know people well. Through other activities, I have gotten to know superficially many Mequon-Thiensville neighbors. Social media, although fun, does not replace personal interaction. Rotary has created real connections. By attending most weeks, I have gotten to know a bunch of truly good people of a variety of ages and backgrounds.
I am not much of a joiner. Too often, organizations become too political. Not only do members get stuck in the drama, but they get painted with the positions of the organization. Rotary is different. It does so much for our community without the stress of some other groups.
So long as I reside in this community and my schedule permits, I plan to be a member of Thiensville-Mequon Rotary. I encourage others to give it a try.