Posted on Mar 25, 2022
My Rotary Experience: 
I was surprised to learn that after the death of Jack Wiese I became the longest active member of the Thiensville-Mequon Rotary Club. Having spent many years since 1973, I noticed there were some major changes in the Rotary club, primarily  for the better. 
Many years ago, prior to becoming a Rotarian there used to be a Rotary corn roast held at Thiensville park which was attended by most of the residents of Mequon and Thiensville. Mequon was a city of about 10,000 at that time and it was a great event. 
After joining Rotary I felt that the dedication of many Rotarians was very important to the development of the community and myself. With this in mind at our 50th reunion in 1987 two of my Rotarian mentors, Loyal Wells and Doctor Elbe had a dinner celebrating the 50th anniversary along with Sandy Custer. I am attaching a picture taken at the 50th anniversary of the local Rotary club. My two mentors included in the photo have since passed away as has have their wives and Sandy and his wife have been active Rotarians for a long period of time. 
This was my best recollection of Rotary in the earlier years and it has changed substantially.