What Rotary Means to Me
As I was the wife of a very active Rotarian, I was active in Rotary even before I became a member. I helped by taking photos at events, editing and spellchecking the newsletter, working on layout, and putting labels on the finished product. Yes, in those days it was a monthly document sent through the mail. 
Ray believed very strongly that we should support Rotarians in the local community, so we did. He always arrived early to greet others and made sure everything was in place. The hour after the meeting was devoted to further discussions and problem-solving with members over coffee.  I was a little jealous as my job in other communities kept me too busy to volunteer in my home community.
I did what I could by opening our home to Rotary Exchange students.  We attended a number of District and International Conventions which broadened my understanding of Rotary even more.  We heard so many inspirational stories from all across the world.  Being a member of the Rotary Global History Fellowship provided historical perspective and even more international friends.  I built connections and relationships that remain to this day. I know I can go anywhere in the world and find a friend.
Rotary is so much more than lunch.  There is something electric about the synergy of coming together to solve a problem and improve our local community, not to mention the bonds of friendship built along the way.  No problem is too big when everyone brings their talents to the table.