My Rotary Experience:
It was early in my 20’s I learned about Rotary.  I was a waitress at a local restaurant and every month there was a group of men that met in my banquet room.  I often wondered what it was they were meeting about.  Many of them were business professionals. Business owners, executives, and prominent people within my community.  One day, I finally mustered up the courage to ask why they met there every month.  The gentleman proudly told me they meet for their Board meeting for Rotary.  That brought me to my next question, what is Rotary?  They explained the many projects and things they had done in the community over the many years, and touched on the international work they do as well.   I never knew!  I could see the changes taking place in my community but never knew who was behind it all!  I was very impressed and a bit taken back that in my small community, we have everyday people doing these amazing things on a global scale too!  I decided there and then, when I became a professional, I too would join Rotary.
My time came when I had the opportunity to open a brand new branch for Port Washington State Bank in Thiensville. I didn’t hesitate and I immediately joined the Thiensville-Mequon Noon Rotary in June of 2018.  I was welcomed with open arms and taken under the wings of Dianne Robertson, Shelley Weston, Karl Hertz, and Ellen MacFarlane.  Every week they introduced me to different members of the club.  Each person had an amazing story of what Rotary meant to them and why they were members.   Our Rotary is so involved in the community and it became more inspiring to see these people of action not only in our Rotary club every Tuesday but in many other organizations in the community as well.  
I couldn’t sit back and just eat lunch each week, I wanted to do more and help!  It didn’t take long, and I found myself assisting with the Fundraising committee and preparing for the Fall into Comedy event we do annually.  Joining this committee introduced me to even more members and deepened my relationships and friendships within the club.  I joined to make a difference and this committee gave me a more in-depth view of everything it takes to continue to be the successful club we are.
Over the next 3 years I was honored to become Secretary, Vice President and now President of our Club.  Joining the Board was yet another area that broadened my knowledge of what Rotary has to offer.       
If I’ve learned anything about Rotary it is that I have only just scratched the surface.  It truly is a Global Network of amazing people doing amazing things and there is really no end to what you can learn, who you can meet, and where you can go!
“The foundation upon which Rotary is built is friendship; on no less firm foundation could it have stood”- Paul Harris