Rotary, to me, has been very beneficial.  First, it has "expanded my world" through the varied speakers and meetings as presented on Tuesdays and the information provided about the needs of our community and internationally through Rotary International.  While serving as an officer of our Club, I also greatly enjoyed the opportunity to meet other Rotarians at the RI Annual Convention in Illinois and to absorb the ideas shared by other club representatives. Secondly, serving and giving back to our community through our various service projects and fundraising events has been a great focus and benefit. Lastly, another important benefit has been the networking and development of friendships with our Club Rotarians and community leaders at our meetings and through our Fall into Comedy Committee.  
I originally joined the Thiensville-Mequon Rotary Club in 1987 (with Stan Smith being a sponsor) while commuting from downtown Milwaukee since I wanted to become more involved in our community.  Right away, I was able to work with other Rotarians and get involved in the Rotary projects which resulted in the culmination of Mequon's Rotary Park as well as the formation of Gathering on the Green and our own Rotary Foundation. Then, when I opened my own law practice in the area in 1996, I knew that I wanted to rejoin the Club and its activities.  I have appreciated being part of the Club for the past 25+ years and also want to thank our newer members who have contributed all of their experiences and talents in making our Club meetings very enjoyable.