What Rotary means to me.
So many things. Fraternity, friendship, charity, connections.
When I was invited to join TM Rotary, I was among the first women.
Not the top 5 but shortly after.  I remember how welcome I felt. Especially by the older members. Having lived through being the first women to take small engines in high school or join clubs where I clearly was not embraced. 
My 2nd nick name came from Pete Hiltgen. I shared my love of skiing with Jack Wiese, Dr Jacobs and Herb Hillman. I learned to grill from Frank Bolz and make a great silver bullet martini. Herb Hillman taught me about floating prime. 
By meeting every Tuesday, I was able to build strong friendships. Learn about faraway places and the comradery between Madison Graduate Sandy Custer verse Iowa’s Graduate Bruce Rowe.
Rotarians are the best people I know, raising money for worthy charities, making a difference in our community, providing money for clean water, humanitarian efforts, Polio plus.
Rotary is my extended family; I know that if I would ever need anything they are just a phone call away.
Nancy Witte-Dycus
P.S. I couldn’t list all my favorite people because you are all my favorite people one way or another.