Originally I became a Corporate Sponsored Wisconsin Energy Corporation ( WEC ) member of the TM Rotary Club during Greg Huffman’s Presidential year, in fact he was my sponsor. Luckily for me he became one of my mentors and in addition I’m proud to say my good friend;  ( He still reminds me of Duke Wayne).  Karle Naggs previously was the WEC Corporate member prior to his retirement, I’m very happy that now I too am also retired we both continue to be club members.   

During my Account Manager tenure at WEC I originally predominantly worked with Communities then later with Commercial & Industrial (C&I) business customers. I came to realize how important Community Stewardship will always be during both your work career and throughout your entire life. It provides an opportunity to develop life long friendships with talented, interesting, intelligent, caring giving loving individuals who want to make a positive difference and contribution in their community and around the world year after year! Unfortunately we lost another terrific Club Rotarian in Jack Wiese, he will forever be missed! I personally take comfort in the thought that the spirit of Rotary Jack and all those who have gone before him had is with us all every time we meet. I will always be a very proud member of the TM Rotary Club!