My definition of Rotary and what it means to me is constantly evolving. Learning something new each week while spending time with people who have a shared vision of community service. On a more personal level, Rotary has opened up the world of service for me, while providing a wealth of friendship. I’m grateful to Maureen for recommending I join our club. Her friendship, support, and awareness have been monumentally influential in my life. I’m grateful to those who I have met that support my life goals as well. Sandy, Stan S., and Tim  have been huge proponents of my career. And then there’s pickleball. Thanks to Stan L. and Stan S. for introducing me to something I really enjoy. I’m grateful to all of you and the learning opportunities Rotary provides. T-M Rotary exemplifies kindness, tolerance, camaraderie, and offers a wonderful outlet to contribute and support our great community. How lucky we are to be Rotarians!