Posted by Samuel Azinger on Aug 04, 2020
District Governor,Craig Burnett joined us and spoke to the club at our meeting on Tuesday.  Craig was very complimentary of our club, members, achievements, and more, leaving us all feeling very good about what we do in the community and the world, all while having a good time.  
Rotarians regularly give a gift to people around the world that we will never meet. Those gifts impact the direct recipient, but also others that we will never know, as those who receive the gifts impact others around them. Rotary is a family, which is one of the reasons it is has been so hard to be apart, but as Rotarians we all will come back to our Rotary family. There are millions of opportunities through Rotary, and each of us are encouraged to make the best of those opportunities, encourage those around us, and be the best that we can be.