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The Peterson Apfelbach Award for Excellence in Attraction was presented to Sam Azinger for bringing the most prospective Rotarians to meetings in the 2019-2020 year.  What an honor to receive such a prestigious award named after the person who came up with the idea. 

Mel’s Charities story can be heard time and time again, and still inspire. Mel’s goal of bringing Mel’s Charities to the southern end of Ozaukee County is coming to fruition in just a couple weeks away. On July 17 and 18, they will be hosting “Mel’s in the Village” where we can rock out on the river for Mel’s Charities.  Hope to see you there.
A year of good honest competition has sprung a new home for the Sam Azinger Trophy for the 2020-2021 year. Although the Noon Club gave it their all, and raised $7,201.00, the Sunrise Club brought their A game in June to bring their total contributions to The Rotary Foundation and Polio Plus to $7,599.50, making them the winners of the 2019-2020 head-to-head competition between the two clubs. 
As for the Noon Club, the $7,201.00 in contributions is at least a 10-year high, and something to be truly proud of. As for the Sam Azinger Trophy, it will be presented to the Sunrise Club the next opportunity possible. Rest assured, the Noon Club will be back with a vengeance in the 2020-2021 year to bring the Sam Azinger Trophy home. 
Changing of the Guard this year was a truly special event, as we gathered together in person for the first time in several months. We thanked our 2019-2020 leadership, enjoyed a year in review presented by Rob Kos, gave out a ton of awards (both legitimate awards and the ones that Sam gave out), and introduced the 2020 Board of Directors:
Officers and Directors
President and Director:                              Samuel Azinger
President Elect and Director:                     Heather Mader
Secretary and Director:                              Maureen L. O’Leary
Director of Club Service:                           Kathleen Schneider
Director of Community Service:                Jennifer J.C. Hohn
Director of International Service:               Ellen MacFarlane
Director of Vocational Service:                  Megan Borland
Sam Azinger presents Rob Kos with First Place Trophy from the T-M Rotary Makeshift March Madness Bracket Challenge.
Sam Azinger Presents Sandy Custer with Runner-Up Trophy from the T-M Rotary Makeshift March Madness Bracket Challenge.
Sam Azinger prepares to present Rob Kos with Paul Harris Award.
Sandy Custer graciously poses after being presented with his Paul Harris +9 as Sam Azinger attempts to pose but cannot refrain from looking fondly upon Sandy in admiration.  
Our youngest Rotarian with the hardest name to spell, Peterson Apfelbach, graciously accepts Service Above Self Award.  Peterson will be off to UW Madison Law School in the fall. 
Pam Koch speaks after being presented with the Honorary Paul Harris Award. Pam's service to the Club and community are without match. 
John Rosing addresses the Club as this year's Rotarian of the Year!
 Tim and Joy Vertz pose for a picture with Greg Sommersberger as Peterson orders his first legal alcoholic beverage in the background. 
Several Rotarians and family members attempt to pose for a picture with everyone's eyes open before Rob and Dawn finally "totally nail it."
Sam Azinger claps for the recipient of some award that he probably made up and named after himself, followed by an inspiring speech resulting in everyone present being confident that this year is probably going to be the best year ever for the Thiensville-Mequon Rotary Club!   
Although an official meeting wasn’t called, several Rotarians had an impromptu meeting at Thiensville Village Park on a warm afternoon, which ultimately resulted in the presentation of the Rotarian of the Year award being given to John Rosing.

On a separate note, check out the newly carved stone around the Giving Tree. (Rotating this image seems to be outside of the scope of this author's capabilities, but feel free to turn your head 90 degrees to get the full effect.)
Our speaker this week was Adam Carr, who is the deputy editor for community engagement at Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service. Adam is a lifelong Milwaukeean, and co-chaired on March On Milwaukee 50th, which commemorated Milwaukee's Open Housing Marches. 
Adam shared the Milwaukee story through photographs. He also gives tours of Milwaukee, where he brings his tour guests on a ride through Milwaukee where he tries to bring them into contact with the community and community leaders.
Adam is a graduate of the program Future Milwaukee, which is a leadership development program in Milwaukee, and brought him into a contact with leaders of Milwaukee. Several Rotarians are currently working to develop an Ozaukee County Leadership program, which mirrors the objectives of Future Milwaukee. If you're interested in being involved, please reach out to Jenne Hohn, Maureen O'Leary, or Sam Azinger. 
Finally Adam presented on the history of the Milwaukee Open Housing Marches in the late 1960s, which were an important aspect of the Civil Rights movement of Milwaukee which drove the elimination of racial redlining and restrictive real estate covenants.  
Dr. Erich Roush and Dr. Gregory Burek spoke at our weekly Zoom meeting about the Veteran Track program they are developing and running through the Aurora Behavioral Health Center. Dr. Roush is a Psychologist who served active duty for 5 years starting in 2007, and has since served in the reserves.  Dr. Burek is a psychologist who served from the late 1990s to early 2000s.  They are working to get veterans the unique service that they need, and are attempting to make Milwaukee the most veteran friendly city in the country.
Their Mission Statement is "To guide veterans to become the best version of themselves by providing treatment within the veteran culture." 
People in Guatemala are struggling and in need of food. If you want to send donations for food to help people in need in Guatemala, please send checks made out to the T-M Rotary Foundation - GMRP. Checks can be mailed to T-M Rotary-GMRP, PO Box 182, Washington Island, WI 54246. Any amount helps. 
GMRP is a project our club started back in 2003 and is still going strong. Continued support in these times of need are particularly appreciated. 
The Thiensville-Mequon Rotary Club honored Morgan Klug as their final winner of the Student of the Month Award on Tuesday, 5/5/2020.  Morgan is a senior at Homestead High School and will be attending University of Wisconsin Milwaukee this fall and will major in Psychology.  Morgan aspires to attain a career in the non-profit sector upon graduating college.
Morgan was selected as the May Student of the Month for her community service and leadership among various clubs and organizations within her school and community.  Morgan is the Vice President of the Interact Club, a youth chapter of Rotary that focuses on community service within her school and community.  Some of the projects she lead included the annual Trick or Treat 4 Hunger supporting Ozaukee Family Sharing, book drives, and making blankets for local shelters.  She helped to raise over $1,000 by selling bracelets for a Guatemala service project.  Morgan was also recognized as a Student of the Year candidate in the Milwaukee Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for helping to raise $45,000 for the organization.
Morgan is a member of the Homestead National Honor Society and a Merit Award recipient for the past 3 years.  One of her passions is within the Speech / Forensics club at Homestead.  She is the president of the club and qualified for nationals and placed 6th in the state for speech. 
Morgan, we thank you for your “service above self” and all that you do for your service and community!
The Thiensville-Mequon Rotary Club honored Anna Gilgur as the April Student of the Month.  Anna is a senior at Homestead High School and is the daughter of Vladimir and Elina Gilgur of Mequon.  Anna is a member of the National Honor Society, a 2 year Merit Award recipient, a 4 year member of the cross country team, the lead scorer for Homestead’s JV soccer team and was a first violin for Homestead’s symphony orchestra.
Anna has distinguished herself as someone who truly cares about giving back to her school and community.  From 8th grade through her senior year of high school she has volunteered at the Ovation Senior Living Center in Mequon.  She primarily volunteered within the Memory Care unit, helping with different stimulating activities for the residents.  Anna was nationally recognized with a grant for GEMS (Girls Exploring Math & Science) by the EgGS Initiative (Engaging Girls in Steam), which is a foundation that supports young women in the field of STEM.  She is also a founder of the local chapter of “She’s the First”, which is an organization that fights for gender equality in oppressive countries by fundraising for education.
Anna is also passionate about her research projects.  She is as an AP Scholar at Homestead and is currently working on a research project studying to lower sedation / general anesthesia rates for MRIs among pediatric patients.  She has worked with various prestigious hospitals getting them to complete her surveys and plans to submit her work to the college board within the next month.
Anna will be attending University of Southern California this fall and will major in bio-chemical engineering.  Anna was named a Presidential Scholar by USC.  She plans to attend medical school afterward to become a surgeon.  Anna, we are very proud of all of your accomplishments and thank you for your “service above self”!
This week, Our speaker was Dan Depies. During his time with us, Dan shared details on how Goodwill is providing benefit to our communities as well as ways we can continue to support our local stores through the COVID-19 crisis. Dan  also took time to provide on update on troop 852, the boy scout troop we sponsor.


Pictured above from left to right:  Shawn Wycklendt (Aubrey's mom), Aubrey Wycklendt (Student of the Month), Debra (Aubrey's aunt) and Rachel Wycklendt (Aubrey's sister)


The Thiensville-Mequon Rotary Club honored Aubrey Wycklendt as the January Student of the Month.  Aubrey is a senior at Homestead High School and is the daughter of Shawn & Craig Wycklendt of Mequon.

Aubrey is an honor student at Homestead High School and a member of the National Honor Society. She has been an active member of the Latin Club for the past 4 years, and has participated in the Roses program as well as the theatre costume department. She has also volunteered at Ascension’s Ozaukee campus in the pharmacy department.

One of her most impactful service projects was the mentor program she participated in at Wilson Elementary School. She has been a mentor to 4th grade female African American students for the past 2 years. She has been a leader to these young students helping them to become confident future leaders like herself.

Aubrey will be attending the University of Alabama this fall. Aubrey, we thank you for your “service above self” and all that you do for your school and community!



In a stunning turn of events, the Final 4 games were played on Facebook Live (that's not the stunning turn of events). Kansas outscored Duke on a buzzer beater to move onto the Championship Game. In the second game Maryland showed its dominance over Oregon and would also move on. After a stunning rendition of the National Anthem by Shaka Khan, Maryland played the game of their lives, but still fell short to the Makeshift NCAA Champions. 
For those of you who fill out brackets every year, you know that the last thing you do after you pick a champion is to predict the Championship Game score, which would serve as a tiebreaker. Being that (1) there wasn't going to be a score, and (2) I've never seen a tie before, I elected to skip this step, but here are the results:
          Rob Kos 1 Bracket had 1,150 points,
          Sandy Custer 1 Bracket has 1,150 points, tying for first place,
          Sam Azinger 1 Bracket came in 3rd place with 1,100 points, and
          Maureen O'Leary 4 Bracket came in a close 4th with 1,080 points. 
So what now? Is there such thing as a tie in the TM Rotary Makeshift March Madness Tournament? I think not. 
This Tuesday at our regularly scheduled meeting we will have a virtual match to determine the winner. Sandy and Rob will each be asked to select a final score and a score will be randomly generated between 140 and 200. Whoever selects the closer score will be crowned the winner.
Home Page News
         It has been brought to our attention that many Rotarians are doing their end of year donation planning and that they would like more information about donating to the M-T Community Promenade project. As you know Rotary and Rotarians have been actively working on the Town Center and River Walk projects since 2002. As a capstone landmark for this area we have been active in the planning and now the fundraising for the Mequon-Thiensville Community Promenade on the north east corner of Mequon and Cedarburg Roads.
        First, prospective donors should know that both municipal governments – Village Board for Thiensville and City Council for Mequon – have collaborated to get this new landmark designed through a Joint Gateway Committee appointed in August 2017. And, the Village and City have pledged as many tax dollars as elected officials feel they can toward its construction. Collectively, the Village and City have committed $200,000 toward the total cost of design and construction.
        We know private fund raising is not an appropriate function of municipal governments; therefore, we are personally and collectively committed to raising $500,000 in private contributions to meet the total projected cost of $700,000. As a club, we have donated $15,000 already with more to come after the Community Action Council meets in December. $30,000 remaining from the efforts for the River Walk have been transferred to this project. It is our expectation that more will come in the next two years.
          The City has indicated willingness to authorize a construction contract to build the Promenade as soon as 75% or $375,000 of the private funds needed are pledged or in the bank.
        Our Promenade Landmark Campaign Committee, composed totally of volunteers, has kicked off a quiet campaign to secure commitments for as many lead gifts as possible by January. We hope the Council will be able to issue that contract in February in preparation for construction in Spring 2019.
         We are working independently, without the services of a professional fund-raiser so that funds raised will be used for construction, not fund raising.
         Before asking others, Campaign Committee members pledged their own donations. Since then, we have secured four (4) lead gifts of $25,000 or more thus far, plus ten (10) commitments at other levels totaling private dollars raised of $211,400 to date Nov 10, 2018. More has come in since then, but we don’t have the latest figures.
         Donations of $500 and up will be recognized on the donor wall. Pledges can be made to spread out a donation over three years. If you have an employer that will match your donation, please help us make that contact. Tax deductible donations are to the T-M Rotary Foundation, note to Promenade.
         In the past, Rotarians have amazed us with their generosity, many pledging over three years. Our goal is to have donations from everyone in the club, no pressure on amounts, but eager participation.
         Please feel free to share this information with others who may be interested.
         Sandy Custer, Stan Smith, Dan Gannon, Tim Carr
Members include representatives from many businesses:
The Sommersberger Group
The Carr Buttler Group
WE Wealth Management Group
July 2020
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